About Us

Our history

It all began in 2015 on a small production area in Cologne.
In line with the positive feedback from our customers, our production area has
more than doubled in just a few years.
As a result, we have seen significant growth in our production capacity.
The production according to our traditional and well-tried recipe manifested the
expectations and trust of our customers in our product.
High quality and hygiene standards have always been our top priority.
Not only the use of innovative machines, but also that of high-quality spices,
fresh vegetables and high-quality raw materials have accompanied us on our
way of becoming one of the largest falafel manufacturers in Germany.
In order to open up to an even larger market, we have already laid the
groundwork for an IFS Global Marketing Certificate. We are now looking
forward to launch our product not only on the European market as before, but
also on the international market.

History of Falafel

Although the exact origin of the Falafel is still controversial and nothing precise
can be said about when it was created, it’s commonly known as a traditional
Middle Eastern dish.
According to historians, Falafel most likely originates from Egypt, where the
Coptic Christians created a meatless yet nutritious alternative of the meat for the
fasting days.
Falafel, on the other hand, has only been known to Europe since the late 1980s
and was introduced by immigrants of Arab origin. For this very reason they taste
like home, for the Germans like the Orient.
A mixture of different herbs, spices and fresh vegetables make the falafel a
special culinary experience.
In this country, vegetarians and vegans like to eat them as a kebab counterpart.

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